SHEDs Plus - Simple Habits Every Day
Everyone Needs Their SHEDs

Simple Habits Every Day – SHEDs - has one singular purpose –
“to re-ignite your confidence and self-belief, creating a solid foundation for the fulfillment of anything you desire in life”.

SHEDs is the most interactive, friendly and complete App available today that truly supports you on beginning this journey.

Set simple and positive habits with reminders and rewards, that keep you on track, focused and committed to making the changes you have long desired. Then reflect on all you are grateful for on that day. Then watch as you take Mastery over your life.

Based on world’s best research, over 10,000 hours of practice as a Master Coach and more than 2 years of development, SHEDs is your companion to begin the journey of true success.

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  • I was out on a run. I needed it. You know those days when you feel overwhelmed, plans are failing and you feel paralysed with uncertainty and you feel lack of direction. It was a s@#t happens kind of day.

    As running is my default in these times, I laced up the shoes and just ran. Was I running away from something or just running? This time I wasn’t sure.

    And it was on this “escape” that I realized I needed to take hold of the things I could – the simple things. My bed was never made, I was a slave to the alarm clock, taking on way too much and using unhealthy crutches for my sanity.

    And on that run, SHEDs was born. I simply asked myself the question –

    What are the simple habits I need in my life to regain a sense of control?

    So I listed them and began taking the little steps toward a solid foundation for life.

    I began using SHEDs with my clients and all of a sudden they seemed happier, lighter, more at ease – they were taking back control – every day. No big goals, no stretch targets, no big lists – just the basic ingredients for a great day – everyday.

  • The research is clear and it is stark!

    Changing habits is not easy. We all know that.

    But what is also clear from the latest research is that ALL habits can be changed1.

    And, even more startling is the possibility of change increases by up to 10 fold2 if you:

    1. Have the courage to begin – do something,
    2. Make the changes small and simple to begin with, and you
    3. Forgive yourself when you don’t apply the new habit perfectly

    It is simply not human nature to radically change our habits quickly. The brain just does not work that way.

    And lastly the research says, for a new habit to be ingrained1 we need to know:

    1. What sets off the desire for the habit,
    2. What the behaviour is that we want to exhibit and,
    3. What the reward we are getting from performing the habit

    SHEDs is the first App available on the market that addresses ALL of the current research on Habits – and so much more!

    At the core of SHEDs and aligned with ALL the above research:

    1. You will courageously create Simple Habits that can be performed easily and quickly.
    2. You will be reminded to perform your Simple Habits with on screen messages at your pre-set time
    3. You will feel great as you tick off your daily simple habits, receiving visual acknowledgement
    4. You will receive pop-up messages for your great progress
    5. You will set great rewards for achieving milestones, making the journey worthwhile
    6. You will post Gratitudes every day to remind you of the great things in your life and to ensure self forgiveness for your imperfections
    7. You will feel exhilarated as you gain mastery over your life over time.

    1 Duhigg, C. (2014). The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business. Random House Trade Paperbacks.

    2 Stanford University. 30-year Behavioural Study.

  • Yes! Here are some of the other great features you will find in your SHEDs Plus:

    1. Create both work and personal habits – up to 12 each
    2. Set Simple Habits that aren’t for every day, just those you choose
    3. Review your statistics to see how you are going.
    4. Go back in the calendar and tick off any prior days completed Simple Habits you forgot to tick
    5. Transfer a Simple Habit to Mastered Habits after 21 days (or before, if you so wish) – the researched average time it takes to embed a new habit.
    6. Set a pop up to remind you to write your gratitude’s
    7. Call on the extensive instruction list of every feature
    8. Access the tutorial videos to make it even easier
    9. Be part of the SHEDs Plus community and benefit from the shared experience and powerful habits of others
  • If you are like me and most of the exceptional people I know and work with – you might even be one of them, so you know what I mean – then SHEDs Plus maybe the missing link to your inner peace, happiness, fulfillment and success.

    SHEDs Plus is for anyone who is too busy to stop and smell their own flowers, too stressed to see the wood for the trees and too caught on the mouse wheel to realize they are on the mouse wheel.

  • You can get SHEDs Plus from the App Store for your Apple devices. Click on the button the blue Download button found on the left of every page of this website to go directly to the App Store, or follow this link: